The Blackstones -Tribute to Studio One

Tracks Listing

1. The Happiest Man
2. Freeway (With Hot Pepper)
3. Tribute To Studio One
4. Don't Chuck Badness
5. If I Follow
6. Your Style
7. Am Gonna Love You
8. Only Sixteen
9. I Wanna Hold You
10. Young At Heart
11. Love Lost
12. Satamasagana
13. My Girl Sparkle
14. One More Time
15. Falling In Love
16. The Sometime Loving
17. You Don't Care

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Downbeat The Ruler: Killer Instrumentals, Best Of Studio One, Volume 3 (Heart Beat Records)

 The third volume in the Heartbeat label's trawl through Studio One's back catalogue, this time focusing exclusively on instrumentals. Again, it's a tightfisted collection with a mere 12 tracks, and while the sleeve notes wax eloquently on how wonderful these songs are, they never get around to saying what they are, or when they were recorded. Admittedly, the very nature of Jamaica's recording industry makes instrumentals a minefield. Some really were true instrumentals, composed solely for instruments. Others were instrumental versions of a vocal cut, the inevitable flip side of a single, and while some of these were unique takes on the song, others were merely the A-sides with the vocals stripped off. Then there were dub plates, acetates created specifically for the sound systems, the prototype for dub, and then there's dub itself. The fact that a song's rhythm can be recycled endlessly over the years just adds to the confusion. Downbeat the Ruler, titled after Coxsone Dodd's own sound system, contains examples of most instrumental sub-types. "Man in the Street" perfectly illustrates the first -- a true instrumental and a seminal song to boot. Dating from 1965, it's the earliest track here; the vast majority of the rest date from the reggae era into the roots age, with an exclusive remix of "Throw Me Corn" bringing it back up to date. That song's earlier 10" version, also featured, is obviously a dub plate aimed at the sound systems and leaving plenty of space for the DJ. "Banana Walk," in contrast, is pure dub, while "Real Rock" is a take on "Armagideon Time" and shows just how older rhythms can be revived. With the rise of dancehall everything was elevated (or reduced, depending on one's point of view) to the level of a rhythm. And certainly many of these instrumentals were ripe for recycling -- and they were repeatedly. "Heavy Rock," "Baby Face," and "Rockford Rock" would all find new life in the '80s, while many of the rest were equally influential. Interestingly, regardless of the proliferation of groups and artists credited, they're all aliases, and every track here is actually performed by Studio One's house band. Even those credited to solo artists merely showcased a particular sessionman, normally the one who composed the song. But don't feel cheated, these musicians were some of the best, and were the powerhouse behind Dodd's success. It's only right that they should be glorified with their own album.
Review by Jo-Ann Greene

1–Dub Specialist-Banana Walk
2–Sound Dimension-Rockfort Rock
3–The Soul Vendors-Death In The Arena
4–Sound Dimension-Real Rock
5–Jackie Mittoo-Freak Out
6–Brentford All Stars-Throw Me Corn (10" Mix)
7–Don Drummond-Man In The Street
8–Sound Dimension-Heavy Rock
9–Sound Dimension-Baby Face
10–Brentford All Stars-Race Track
11–Tommy McCook -Tunnel One
12–Brentford All Stars-Throw Me Corn (1987 Mix)


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Blue Rivers And The Maroons‎– From Ska To Reggae - CD EDICION

1-Phoenix City
2-Seven Steps To Power
3-Searching For You Baby
4-Too Much
5-I've Got A Good Thing Going
6-I Found Me Somebody New
8-Guns Of Navarone
9-Witchcraft Man
10-Groovy Baby
11-Turn Me And Twist Me
12-Mercy Mercy Mercy
13-Tell Me

Recorded 1967 at Maximum Sound Studios & Colortone Studios, London 

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Prince Buster - Feel The Spirit 1963

 Feel the Spirit was Prince Buster's first studio album, released in 1963. The album includes many well known songs such as "Madness", "They Got to Come", "Wash You Troubles Away" and "Black Head Chinaman". The musical accompaniment was by the Drumbago All Stars, Les Dawson Blues Unit and Rico Rodriguez 

Track List 
"I Feel the Spirit"
"Don't Make Me Cry"
"They Got to Come"
"All Alone"
"Soul of Africa"
"Wash Your Troubles Away"
"Black Head Chinaman"
"Beggars Are No Choosers"
"Run Man Run"
"Just You"

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Prince Buster - FLY FLYING SKA

01 Flying Ska 
02 Lucky Seven
03 Perhaps 
04 My Queen 
05 I Go 
06 Roland Plays The Prince 
07 Call Me
08 Eye For An Eye
09 River Jordan 
10 The Greatest
11  Ska War 
12 The Burial 

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Original Jamaican Sound SYSTEM STYLE 21 R&B Scorchers - CD EDITION

AllMusic Review by David Jeffries
It'll take a while to explain this record to your friends, but what a concept. To be brief, Jamaican sound systems were once hungry for music (hard to imagine since rocksteady and reggae records would soon be issued as fast as newspapers), so the DJs turned to the world of American R&B. Original Jamaican Sound System Style features many of the American tunes Jamaican DJs were spinning in the '50s, and it's evidence that they had excellent taste. The liner notes are fantastic, and you can't even pretend that every song on here isn't anything but jaunty and rollicking Friday night fish-fry fun. But don't forget that the sound systems overdrove these tracks through monolithic but cheap speakers; they mixed the tracks in with their own Jamaican R&B, and entranced audiences with shouts of babble. To hear it would be amazing but the ultraclean digital remasters here only hint at the experience. It's unfortunate that no one dug up a tape of the real deal, but this is evidence that someone should try.

  1. Safronia B - Calvin Boze
  2. Monkey Speaks His Mind - Dave Bartholomew
  3. Live It Up - Ernie Freeman
  4. Let's Make A Whole Lot Of Love - Dodgers
  5. I'm Gone - Shirley & Lee
  6. I'm In The Mood For Love - Fats Domino
  7. Little Bitty Pretty One - Thurston Harris
  8. Tears On My Pillow - Little Anthony & The Imperials
  9. Strator-Cruiser - Joe Lutchers
  10. Secretly - Jimmie Rodgers
  11. Someone Like You - Faye Adams
  12. It's Over - James 'SugarBoy' Crawford
  13. The Vow - Gene & Eunice
  14. If You Don't Want Me Baby - Ray Johnson
  15. Blue Moon - Lynn Hope
  16. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer -Amos Milburn
  17. Waiting & Drinking - Calvin Boze
  18. One Night - Smiley Lewis
  19. Be My Guest - Fats Domino
  20. 3 x 7 = 21 - Jewel King
  21. Return To Me - Ernie Freeman


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The Maytones - Brown Girl In The Ring - CD EDITION

The Maytones formed in the late 1960s, and comprised Vernon Buckley and Gladstone Grant, both of whom lived in May Pen in Clarendon, which inspired the group's name. After recording two rocksteadytracks for Studio One which were not released, they recorded much of their early material for Alvin Ranglin, having local hits with "Loving Reggae" and "Funny Man", and released a version of Greyhound's "Black and White" (written by Earl Robinson and David I. Arkin) in 1970.They had further Jamaican hits with love songs such as "Preaching Love", "If Loving You Was Wrong", and "Brown Girl", before adopting a roots reggae style for tracks such as "Judas", "Babylon a Fall", and "Run Babylon".They had a major success with "Madness", recorded again for Ranglin, which was followed by an album of the same name. The success of The Mighty Diamonds prompted the group and producers Ranglin and Clement Bushay to promote the duo as The Mighty Maytones.
 The Boat To Zion album followed in 1978, although did not meet with the success they had hoped for, and were overlooked by the British record labels that were signing up much of Jamaica's talent at the time, with their non-Rasta image identified as a factor.They contributed the track "Money Worries" to the Rockers soundtrack in 1979.

Track List : 

1-Billy Goat
2-Loving Reggae
3-Copper Girl
4-Funny Man
6-Bowe Who
8-This Kind Of Love
9-Gold On Your Dress
10-Sentimental Reason
11-Serious Love
12-Come With Me
13-Bongo Man Rise
14-Groove Me
15-Black And White
16-Let The Version Play
17-As Long As You Love Me
18-Hands And Feet
19-If Loving You Is Wrong
20-Born To Be Loved
21-Donkey Face
22-Wha Nu Dead
23-Land Of Music
24-Brown Girl
25-All Over The World People Are Changing
26-Sensuous Woman
27-Sha La La

28-Boat To Zion


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The Best Of The Clarendonians - CD VERCION

Track List : 

1-You Can't Be Happy
2-Darling Forever
3-Ten Guitars
4-Rudie Bam Bam
6-He Who Laughs Last
7-Stand By Me
8-Sho Be Do Be
9-Do Good
10-Rudie Gone A Jail
11-I Can't Go On
12-Good Bye Forever
13-You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
14-If Only I Knew
15-Hurt By Love
16-How Long

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Peckings Presents - Old Skool Young Blood Vol 1

When not only my album of 2004, but for many people the best release of 2004, Bitty McLean's "Peckings Presents... On Bond Street With The Supersonics" was released by Peckings, - Chris and Duke, the owners and managers of Peckings, sons of the legendary George who was the founder of the Peckings Studio 1 record store, specialized in Studio One and Treasure Isle label releases out of Shepherds Bush, London, UK - there was an overwhelming response of reggae listeners worldwide, and with the exception of a couple of 7"s they have now released a follow-up album that is great enough to be competitive to be my album of 2006. Opening this album is an excellent "Walk Away From Love (Remix)" with Delroy Easton 'Bitty' McLean perfectly fitting the lyrics and melody of former Temptation's lead singer David Ruffin's Motown scorcher "Walk Away From Love" to a remix of 1967 Alton Ellis' 'Rock Steady'-riddim. Kelly Makeda delivers a great version of Lionel Richie's "Easy" over the same riddim, followed by Lady Lex also over Alton's 'Rock Steady'-riddim relicking his "Breaking Up" that he recorded in 1968 for both Duke Reid's Treasure Isle and Coxsone Dodd's Studio One. Saxophone player Mark 'Saxa' Overton contributes the wicked instrumental "Tribute To Duke Reid a.k.a Just Cool". Next up is the beautiful 1967 Techniques' 'Love Is Not A Gamble'-riddim, first taken on by UK lovers rock stalwart Peter 'Mr. Honey Voice' Hunningale for his very fine "Take A Little Longer", followed by young R'n'B singer Kelly Makeda doing her second tune on the album, a brilliant version of Mariah Carey's "Shake It Off". Veteran lovers rock icon Janet Lee Davis contributes a wicked version of Mario Winans' 2004 R'n'B hit "I Don't Wanna Know" as last rendition over this riddim, before Bitty McLean's "Baby Tonight (Remix)" is featured over The Sensations' 1968 'Those Guys'-riddim (in 1971 used by Coxsone Dodd for John Holt's "I'll Be Lonely") remixed here in such a fashion that it's even more obvious what a gifted singer and songwriter Bitty is and Natijah, the daughter of reggae legend Little Roy, delivers the very fine "Can't Get Away" over the same riddim. Amidst all these treasures, there is still one stand-out track, Bitty McLean's superb take on "This Train" over the latin-jazz tinged stomping 'Woman A Come'-riddim - recorded (originally as "Dunga Gun Malungu") in 1964 by Baba Brooks & Marguerita 'The Rumba Queen' Mahfood, the girlfriend of Don Drummond, who stabbed her to death in the early hours of New Year's Day 1965 - followed by the excellent version of it "Holy Mount Zion" featuring the beautiful saxophone melodies of Dean 'Cannon' Frazer. Alton Ellis' 1968 'I Can't Stand It'-riddim is the perfect backing for Peter Hunningale's glorious take on the Scott Davis penned but of course most famous in its Elvis Presley version "In The Ghetto", followed by two more very impressive versions, with the excellent female vocals returning courtesy of Natijah on "Open My Gate" and Lady Lex on "Love Doctor". Vivian Jones is as convincing delivering John Holt's Studio One scorcher "Stranger In Love" as Frankie Paul was 2 months ago over it when the riddim was renamed by Joe Frasier as 'Fingerprint'. Then Bitty McLean delivers his "Never Let Me Go" absolutely flawless over the same riddim, adding a whole new dimension to the Johnny Ace tune that was sung to rocksteady fame in 1967 by Slim Smith & The Uniques, followed by the Mark 'Saxa' Overton "Tribute To Tommy & Roland a.k.a. Summer Breeze" of course dedicated to the great saxophone players Tommy McCook and Roland Alphonso, and used on the 2004 Bitty McLean album for "Tell Me" and included as it's straight 1971 instrumental 1971 "Ranglin On Bond Street". Another beautiful tune from "On Bond Street With The Supersonics" gets a dubbed up (heavy bass) treatment with Bitty himself at the controls for the "Make It With You Remix", over the seminal riddim for the Techniques' take on Curtis Mayfield's "Queen Majesty" in 1967, that is also featured as "King Majesty" with Dean Frazer blowing the melody of "Make It With You" for a superb rocksteady instrumental. Lady Lex is getting a third tune on this album, and that's more than justified by her (sounding authentically like 80s lovers rock) take on the 1951 King Pleasure (king of the vocalese style of jazz and blues) tune "I'm In The Mood" for love, that was in 1965 a big hit for Lord Tanamo retitled "I'm In The Mood For Ska" and again (with the aid of a - I believe it was for chicken - commercial it was used for) under its original title in 1990, over the Conquerors' 1968 'Lonely Street'-riddim, that is also used for Bitty McLean under the moniker of Jah Mittoo on his organ workout "Tribute To Winston Wright a.k.a. Silhouette" that closes this magnificent album. It says "Old Skool Young Blood Volume 1" and probably the only album that could be real competition for this one to become my album of the year would be either Volume 2 or a one-riddim album featuring the not included on this album Peckings releases over the Techniques' 1968 'My Girl'-riddim. This is the album everyone should buy this year, 'unexpectedly' it lives up to the extreme high expectations "On Bond Street" spawned more than a year ago.
TrackList :

Walk Away From Love (Remix) - Bitty McLean
Easy - Kelly Makeda
Breaking Up - Lady Lex
Tribute To Duke Reid a.k.a. Just Cool - Mark 'Saxa' Overton
'Love Is Not A Gamble'-riddim
Take A Little Longer - Peter Hunningale
Shake It Off - Kelly Makeda
I Don't Wanna Know - Janet Lee Davis
'Those Guys a.k.a. I'll Be Lonely'-riddim
Baby Tonight (Remix) - Bitty McLean
Can't Get Away - Natijah
'Woman A Come'-riddim
This Train - Bitty McLean
Holy Mount Zion - Dean 'Cannon' Fraser
'I Can't Stand It'-riddim
In The Ghetto - Peter Hunningale
Open My Gate - Natijah
Love Doctor - Lady Lex
'Stranger In Love a.k.a. Don't Bother Me'-riddim
Stranger In Love - Vivian Jones
Never Let Me Go - Bitty McLean
'Ranglin On Bond Street'-riddim
Tribute To Tommy & Roland a.k.a. Summer Breeze - Mark 'Saxa' Overton
'Queen Majesty'-riddim
Make It With You (Remix) - Bitty McLean
King Majesty - Dean 'Cannon' Fraser
'Lonely Street'-riddim
I'm In The Mood - Lady Lex
Tribute To Winston Wright a.k.a. Silhouette - Bitty McLean (Jah Mittoo)

Rare Reggae Grooves From Studio One

Producer from as far back as 1959 Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd can be regarded as the founder of Reggae music and his "Studio One" imprint as the most legendary record label in the history of Reggae. In search of a cultural dance beat for Jamaica his studio musicians created Ska. When the beat slowed down it became Rocksteady, then evolving into militant rock called Reggae. Excellent musicians like the late great Jackie Mittoo (who can be credited for providing a complete legacy of "riddims" still going strong today and enjoyed by many Reggae lovers all over the world), Don Drummond, Count Ossie, Leroy Sibbles, Roland Alphonso and Ernest Ranglin laid riddims for singers and vocal groups like The Wailing Wailers, Delroy Wilson, The Viceroys, Wailing Souls, Sugar Minott, Horace Andy, Freddie McGregor, Dennis Brown, Burning Spear, to name but a few. During the seventies in Jamaica the 12" mix of popular songs became the vogue. The vocals and dubs were mated for a musical extravaganza. As a result of the popularity of these 12" singles Coxsone Dodd compiled and released three "Showcase" albums.
Now the Cambridge, Massachusetts U.S.A. based Heartbeat Records has issued "Rare Reggae Grooves From Studio One" which was originally released as "Studio One Showcase Volume 2". Many of the songs on the album were originally released in the late sixties and re-released in their extended version ten years later. All the tracks were overdubbed from their two track origins and then remixed and released.
The album opens with Lloyd Robinson's classic late seventies rocker Cuss Cuss. He recorded many sides for Coxsone, starting in 1963, before teaming up with several other Jamaican producers such as Duke Reid ab Harry J. Rootsman Peter Broggs recorded only one song for the Studio One label, but his Sing A New Song is a scorcher anchored by a taut bassline and crisp harmony. 
The Gaylads recorded a staggering eighty-six tunes for producer Coxsone Dodd, and also cut two fine albums -"Soul Beat" and "Sunshine Is Golden"- for Studio One. The group comprised of B.B. Seaton, Delano Stewart and Maurice Roberts. They also did background vocals for a series of Studio One artists such as Peter Tosh and Slim Smith. For female producer Sonia Pottinger they scored well with the rocksteady tunes "Hard To Confess" and "ABC Rocksteady". 
The Silvertones -Delroy Denton, Keith Coley and Gilmore Grant- cut their first tune for Duke Reid, moved to Lee Perry for whom they cut the "Silver Bullets' album and as of September 1999, the group was at Studio One singing harmonies and doing fresh material. Their tune Take A Little Love is soulful lovers tune. Vocalist Ken Boothe needs no introduction, just last year HeartBeat released the excellent compilation set A Man And His Hits. Come Running Back is a late ska rocker, originally released in 1966 on the Supreme label.
The Martinis recorded the rocksteady tune My Baby in 1966 before going back to college and moving into their chosen profession, which wasn't music. Arthur Robinson is better known as Bunny of Bunny and Scully, who started recording for Studio One in 1959. His track -Moments dates from 1968. The album closes beautifully with vocalist Winston 'Mr. Fix It' Francis who recorded some thirty songs for the label, many found on his two Studio One albums "Mr. Fix It" and "California Dreaming". The roots tune Going To Zion was originally released on a Music Lab 10" in the early eighties. 
Rare Reggae Grooves From Studio One aka "Studio One Showcase Volume 2" features mostly lesser known songs from the foundation studio, but the beautiful musicianship, great vocal deliveries and fine harmonies make this album well worth checking out.
Teacher & Mr. T

Track List : 
 1–Lloyd Robinson-Cuss Cuss
2–Peter Broggs-Sing A New Song
3–The Gaylads-Love Me With All Of Your Heart
4–The Silvertones-Take A Little Love
5–Ken Boothe-Come Running Back
6–The Martinis-My Baby
7–Arthur Robinson-Moments
8–Winston Francis-Going To Zion

Hora del Rudeboy #12 Temporada 17

A mitad de Año y hora del Rudy regresa para complacer tus oídos con los magníficos sonidos jamaicanos en esta emisión #12 recargado con mucho reggae clásico y de novedad por igual.
Ahora lo puedes descargar en Alta Calidad o Escucharlo online

Visita La Página Oficial 
 Hora del Rudeboy

Track List
1.      Johnny Moore & Karl Bryan – Big Big Boss
2.      Freddy McLean – Too Much Fire
3.      Tony Scott – Darling if You Love Me
4.      Mongo Santamaria – Get The Money
5.      Bobby Davis -Going in Circles
6.      George Lee – Reggae Groove
7.      Melbourne Ska Orchestra – Vezpa Ska
8.      The Upssesions – Dirty Cash
9.      Soweto – In for a Penny in for a Pound
10.   Erin Bardwell Collective -Cool Vercion
11.   Bernard Lee & Les Dragons – Apache
12.   Mango Wood -Mash it Down
13.   The Ensamble 64 – Summer Time
14.   Skapital Sound – RUDE GIRL
15.   The Froglegs – Tradicion Returns
16.   Carabian Beat Combo – Round  Mindnight
17.   Buddy Jay’s Jamaican Jazz Band – Streetcar Love
18.   Steve Alamo – I won’t let you go
19.   The Techniques – Queen Majesty
20.   Pama Internacional – Heatwave
21.   Ace Tone – Put A pon
22.   Reggaenuts -River Rock
23.   Owen Gray – Give me Little Sign
24.   Mark Foggo’s Skasters – Ska Pig
25.   The Aggrolites Free Time  


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VA - Mojo presents Studio One Selector

Mojo presents Studio One Selector is a 2005 compilation CD released by the British music publication Mojo magazine. This is a great CD that came with the March 2005 issue of Mojo featuring music produced by the late Clement "Sir Coxsone" Dodd. The music here is presented in conjunction with Soul Jazz Records.

1. Johnny Osbourne - We Need Love
2. Jackie Mittoo - Get Up And Get It
3. Ernest Ranglin - Surfin
4. Bionic Dub - Bionic Dub
5. Bob Marley & The Wailers - Simmer Down
6. The Gaylads - Africa
7. Lone Ranger - The Answer
8. Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers - Train To Skaville
9. Lloyd & Devon - Push Push
10. The Eternals - Queen Of The Minstrels
11. Delroy Wilson - I Want Justice
12. Lloyd Williams - Reggae Feet
13. Michigan & Smiley - Nice Up The Dance
14. The Skatalites - Coconut Rock
15. Sugar Minott - Hang On Natty

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Jamaican music lover we are happy to announce.

 Next year with new dynamics and freshness Free Ska Foundation PODCAST will be premiering
With new episodes,for a year of inactive,has been enough to collect valuable information for the genres Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, dub,hopefully will have a very favorable response in addition we be eliminate the advertising on the links,that also requested will soon be back with other releases, thank you very much for your preference. Atte. Free Ska Foundation

Mis estimados amantes de la buena música jamaicana es un gusto  anunciarles.

 El próximo año con nueva dinámica y frescura  Free Ska Foundation PODCAST  estará estrenándose
Con nuevos episodios, a lo largo de año inactiva ha sido suficiente para recaudar información valiosa para los géneros Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, dub, esperemos una respuesta muy favorable además de estar eliminado la publicidad de los enlaces que tanto nos habían pedido pero sin descartar con nuestras ferias de discos que próximamente ya estarán de regreso con otros estrenos mas, agradecemos mucho su preferencia. Atte. Free Ska Foundation

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Free Ska Foundation Podcast

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